Vitens Office

Vitens Office



The reason for Vitens' relocation was the desire for a more flexible office, with large open floors that would allow the call centre to function optimally and change in composition. In addition, the office has a satellite and meeting function and every employee is welcome to work here and to meet with colleagues. This aspect was strengthened when, during the course of the project, the phenomenon of 'working from home' became more and more the norm and fixed workplaces seemed to be a thing of the past.

The two worlds of call centre and workplace-as-meeting-place came together in this new office in Arnhem. A light workstation with good acoustics forms the basis of the generic open work floors. The meeting areas around the heart of the building are diverse, atmospheric and reflect the nostalgia of Vitens. The Vitens production sites were the source of inspiration - where drinking water is actually produced!

Various old materials and details from the production sites have been reused in the new office: copper water meters, old pipes, unique tiles from 'Het Engels Werk'. The new staircase could also be one from an old production location; industrial and with concrete upstand. This staircase directly connects the 8th and 9th floors, maximising the possibility of meeting one another and facilitating easy access to the conference centre.

The end result? An inviting working environment with robust, pure materials and special details, where employees can meet and inspire each other.

From our point of view, this project beautifully illustrates the design and implementation of the 'new way of working'. Less office space and fewer square metres of work floor per employee. The interior will always remain an important part of the identity of companies, regardless of working from home and the new innovative workplaces. Today's office environments thus become meeting places and living spaces where people also enjoy working.

"We are very proud of the result - old materials and new techniques have been combined and our individuality and DNA have remained, you can see and feel that everywhere! - says client Vitens.

architectWitstaart | innovators van ruimte
photographyStijn Poelstra
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