CoVino in Maarssen – inspiration and drinks with a bite

“Enjoy it at any time of the day” – that’s the pay-off for this colourful, inspiring place. Call it a wine bar, a tea room or coffee house, a chill eatery, or whatever you like – it’s one and all. CoVino is unique and has literally managed to create a true moment of enjoyment for every moment of the day.

The large part of the building is complete already. The colour palette has been chosen and the finish decided. Irene de Jong, hostess through and through, wanted a “cosmopolitan living room” where everything and everyone gets attention. Coffee, tea and home-made pastry, for example. The wine list, bites and charcuterie have been selected carefully. And for those who prefer to drink a beer? Well, everyone has been thought of, so you can enjoy that as well. The pleasant ambiance makes everyone feel welcome.

De Projectgroep – co-creator of Interior Group – took the colourful wallpaper as the starting point for the interior. The luxury furniture and accessories were selected from that point of view. Creative lounge areas have been created with velvety soft armchairs and several higher tables to work on during the day. The same tables act as bar tables in the evening. And the beautiful lighting provides an extra cosmopolitan “touch”.

This is how the real living room feeling was created. CoVino has become the place you can always go for a chat or meet up. A little bit of patience, and hopefully we can go back to CoVino in Maarssen.

architectdesign De Projectgroep
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