Fletcher Wellness-Hotel De Hunzebergen

Fletcher Wellness-Hotel De Hunzebergen

Situated high on the Hondsrug in Drenthe, this estate is a luxurious oasis in the middle of a park with beautiful recreational homes and surrounded by woods and heath. Called the Fletcher Wellness-Hotel De Hunzebergen – the hotel is located in Exloo and has its own beauty & wellness centre with sauna, swimming pool, Turkish bath and tennis courts.


How do you make the most complete hotel in Drenthe even more complete? This was the challenge for De Projectgroep – co-creator of Interior Group. After careful analysis of all involved, it became clear that the lobby, restaurant and bar, as well as the large restaurant and breakfast room had to blend in with the greenery in the area as much as possible. The strength of the Fletcher Wellness-Hotel is the natural location, with the emphasis on the “wellness” and “well-being” facilities they offer. The green from the outside is brought in by the beautiful colour palette of green, beige and brown. Many airy, fresh and “clean” elements are reflected in the wallpaper, floor, curtains and furniture.

Old and New elements

A special mention must go to the mix of existing and new elements. With a new tray on the bar, colouring to the existing panelling, and regrouping of the different “old masters”, memories have been preserved and beautifully reintegrated.

The “low dining tables” and lounge seating areas in front of the fireplace create a friendly, accessible whole where anyone can enjoy the welcoming atmospheric appearance of the restaurant and hotel bar. And when the sun starts to shine, there is a lovely terrace.


De Projectgroep shaped this interior design. With good co-operation, welcoming spaces were created that are perfect for a wide target group. After the inventory discussions, mood boards were developed and decisions made about the colours, materials and furniture. You can see the end result below. Create identity. Welcome to the Fletcher Wellness-Hotel De Hunzebergen.

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