Boutique Hotel Marienhage

Boutique Hotel Marienhage

Who wouldn't want to sleep in a Monastery Mystery Room or in the Epic Eden room? You can at Boutique Hotel Mariënhage. Boutique Hotel Mariënhage is a luxury hotel located in the DOMUSDELA complex, right in the center of the energetic design city Eindhoven. A heavenly hotel located in monumental heritage of the Augustinian monastic order, where the old monastery Mariënhage was once located.

Coöperatie Dela renovated the Mariënhage area into a contemporary place for meeting, deepening and connecting. Keijsers Interiors supplied the custom interior for this unique hotel.

The transformation of Mariënhage is a combination of restoration, renovation and new construction. The new building connects the historical parts of the complex with each other and 3 entrances open DOMUSDELA up to the city. With new functions such as a hotel, a brasserie and two ceremonial houses, Eindhoven has gained an important new urban hotspot.

Interior Group consisting of co-creators Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep, did the interior design for the beautiful hotel rooms. In this historical ambiance a modern design with an eye for the past was requested. With beautiful details such as, for example, the niche cabinets and the wall panels, we succeeded in contributing to a wonderful interpretation.

Did you know that the DOMUSDELA complex was nominated for the election of the most beautiful building 2020 by Beroepsvereniging voor Architecten? This is the architecture award of the Netherlands. We are proud that we were able to make this beautiful contribution to the interior of this prestigious building.


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