Brainwash Kappers

Brainwash Kappers

With its nationwide distribution of more than 175 hairdressing salons, BrainWash Kappers has been the largest hairdressing chain in the Netherlands for years. It is a unique hairdressing formula in the retail landscape. The strength of the formula is the long opening hours, competitive and clear prices, no appointment necessary, and qualified hairdressers who distinguish themselves with their professional technique, customer-friendliness and motivation.

Brainwash Kappers is part of the French Provalliance Group, which manages several brands including Cosmo Hairstyling and Team Kappers.

We continuously work on the design and renovation of Brainwash Kappers salons in the Netherlands. Keijsers Interiors produces all the welcome desks, product cabinets, specially-designed mirror panels, and chemical walls in its own factory. The dressing tables, coffee cabinets and towel cabinets are also made by us. The interior is practical and fresh in a characteristic basic orange colour, the colour that identifies this chain. The wooden constructions of the interior objects, and the paintwork finished to the finest detail, betray the customisation and craftsmanship.

The furnishing and renovation of this beautiful chain is still ongoing, and we completely unburden the client by delivering quickly and paying attention to detail. We call this co-creation. We recently completed branches in Tiel, Zevenaar and Veldhoven. And we are now moving on to the next one.

principalProvalliance Group
architectGeoffrey Wijn en Bertine Hey, B-Sign
photographyElla Vermaas
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