The Art of Creation


Customisation using LEAN philosophy

Customisation using LEAN philosophy

Production in the entire Interior Group is carried out in accordance with a strategic industrial business process. A way of working in which everything and everyone in the organisation focuses on creating value for the customer. There is a strong focus on sustainable process improvement. From a single piece of furniture to a complete furnishing project, everything is done according to the LEAN philosophy. Waste is not an issue with us, we do not incur unnecessary costs that you do not want to pay for. The LEAN philosophy is based on a production system that has a demonstrable effect on quality, safety, flexibility and cost reduction. 

We use the following 5 steps as part of the LEAN philosophy:

  • Find out the value of each process from the customer’s point of view
  • Identify the value stream of all the value-adding operations in a process while eliminating potential waste
  • Make sure all the production process steps connect seamlessly
  • Involve the customer in the process by working together
  • Work on improving quality at all times
The Art of Creation