The Art of Creation


Converting a design into a feasible and affordable plan, that is our expertise. We call this, “enhancing the design phase”. Your plan is our foundation for a creative follow-up of progress. Taking important aspects such as cost savings, ease of maintenance, fast delivery and reduced assembly time into account.

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convert every design into
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customer-oriented customisation in Poland

Our factory is located in Bochnia. This production location boasts real furniture makers who are still practising the true craft of pure, authentic woodworking. They work to current standards and the associated techniques.

Our employees work with enthusiasm and dedication every day to achieve their special projects, none of which is the same.

Using fixed teams, we work on various projects so the right expertise is used for each assignment. We like to invite our customers to come and take a look at the factory while “their” furniture is being produced.

unique products and solutions

You are looking for a different style, a new concept. You want special products and unique solutions to give your area something different. Sophisticated, thoughtful and efficient. To demonstrate that you are different, contemporary and unique without sacrificing quality and durability. Every square metre counts.

We help you set up and implement a completely new concept by sitting around the table with the designer at an early stage and coordinating parallel workflows where possible. We devise smart and cost-efficient production processes and pay a lot of attention to logistics. Working with you, we focus on co-creation while looking at materials, detailing and modularity together. Quality and appearance always come first.

Producten en oplossingen
Project inrichting op voorraad

rapid set-up using furniture and series from stock

A metamorphosis (or a “good pimp-up”) of an interior can be a welcome solution for rapid reinvigoration. No unnecessary valuable time has to be lost for this. We can achieve renovations and refurbishments within a few days because we can deliver furniture and series from stock. We work with a fixed, specialised and certified team that takes care of everything. You have one point of contact. Short communication lines and clarity result in efficiency, guaranteed quality and success.  

Enhancement of the design phase

We will work on your design with the professionals in our factory in Poland. This means we can enhance every plan using a range of technical options in terms of material use, colours and applicability according to the latest trends. If desired, our interior architects will make 3-D drawings and digital mood boards so you can clearly see what the end result will be beforehand. We will never lose sight of important aspects like cost savings, ease of maintenance, fast delivery, and limiting the assembly time.

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The Art of Creation